Language Engineering Power Translator

Language Engineering Power Translator 9.0

Power Translator is an application that lets you translate basic texts

Power Translator is an application that lets you translate basic texts. There are other products that allow for more accurate translations. However, there is nothing like having your texts translated by a real person with real skills and education. But this application will get you out of trouble should you need to translate a few sentences or paragraphs with the basic need for communication. This application gives you a free one-month subscription to two services. One that lets you translate from a toolbar and another one that lets you translate from a web browser. You can also translate from any application that you like out-of-the-box. Language Engineering Power Translator allows you to translate from any of these languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. You can use any pair. For example, you can easily translate from Russian into Spanish and then to Portuguese. This translator comes with plug-ins for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which allows you to translate pages with only one click.

José Fernández
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  • Plenty of plug-ins to translate content on web pages and programs
  • Good speed
  • Automatic detection of languages


  • It isn't really accurate when sentences go beyond "The blue cat" or "I want a beer."
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